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Children And Adolescents

Psychoeducational Assessments

Children (aged 7 & up) and Adolescents (aged 14-19)

If your child is performing below grade-level expectations or if their grades are sustained only through high levels of effort or support; if they are having reading, writing, spelling or math problems; or if they struggle with attention and focus and don't seem to be performing to their potential, then you may want to request a psychoeducational assessment, which can be of enormous benefit to your child.

Teachers may suspect that your child has an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a learning disorder, an Auditory Process Disorder (APD), a Visual Processing Disorder (VPD), or may, in fact, be gifted. Early identification and intervention is an important key in helping a child reach his or her full potential. A comprehensive learning assessment will evaluate important areas of your child's background, medical history, and cognitive and academic development, and will clarify your child’s learning strengths and areas of need.

Psychoeducational Assessment Fee: $2500.00 - This assessment will include an initial interview, a review of academic reports, the administration of several standardized tests, and measurements of the individual’s executive, neurological and behavioral functioning. A comprehensive psychoeducational report will be provided, as well as a review session to interpret the assessment results. We will also provide recommendations on strategies to help support your child's achievement in his or her areas of need, as well as any significant accommodations s/he may require over the course of his/her school years. Parents will typically choose to share this report with their child's teachers and support staff. This will help your child’s teachers to understand his/her needs based on the provided assessment for learning in the classroom. It will assist these teachers in finding purposeful teaching and learning strategies tailored to your child’s needs, as well as inform appropriate psychoeducational intervention efforts. Additionally, it will help teachers to create an Individual Program Plan (IPP) for your child, access extra support and psychoeducational services, make adjustments to curriculum if needed, or apply for academic accommodations (i.e. extra time, assistive technology) on your child’s behalf.

Gifted Assessments

Children (aged 7 & up) and Adolescents (aged 14-19)

For parents seeking gifted testing in order to apply specifically to Westmount Charter School, a test for intellectual functioning is the sole requirement.

Gifted Assessment Fee - An initial fee of $600.00 is due at the first meeting. Should your child not meet criteria for giftedness (defined as having an IQ score of 130, ± five), you will not be obligated to receive a written report, to meet to discuss results, or to make further payments.
However, should your child meet criteria for giftedness, we will write a professional report to this effect and will provide two copies at the feedback meeting. We will bill you for an additional fee of $500.00 for these services.

Dual exceptionalities - It is possible for children to be both intellectually gifted and have a learning disorder/ADHD. If you suspect that your child is particularly bright, but is struggling with academic performance (as opposed to achievement), then we will provide a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment in order to determine the root cause of your child’s academic difficulties, as well as a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to support his/her future success.